3 Deliciously Unrealistic Expectations Worth Having: #LadyLeader Guest Post

As a headstrong success-driven woman of the 70s, my mom might well have burned her bra. We have no evidence to the fact, but if she didn’t one of her friends probably did.

This means that my childhood was spent marinating in women’s empowerment with a sprinkle of ‘stick it to the man’. I had a front row seat to the first cracks in the proverbial glass ceiling.

Fast forward to the new millennium. The bra-burning smoke has pretty much cleared, and the sun is shining through plenty of shattered ceilings.

My entire adult life I have worked for and with successful, fierce women.

I watched these women hire and fire, manage and micromanage, hate, love, cry, laugh, try, fail, and triumph.

Now, as a woman entrepreneur, a mother of two and a wife of one, I’m forced to (daily) ask myself: “What kind of woman are you, anyway?”

The answer is simple: I am the kind of woman with unrealistic expectations.

Unrealistic expectation #1: Our kids will have both parents at home.
When we were expecting our first child, the choice was made for my husband to be the primary caregiver for our kids, and for me to work from home. Our children have been raised by two parents, a luxury normally afforded only the uber wealthy and totally insane. (We are one of these.)

Unrealistic expectation #2: We can travel for months at a time, anytime we want.
Every summer, we left Texas heat behind to meander east and west and north and south for months on end, visiting clients, colleagues, and national monuments along the way. My office was the passenger seat of our SUV and our children now can recite what a good sales call sounds like. They can also spot a WiFi hot spot at 20 paces.

Unrealistic expectation #3: I will love my job every minute of every day aka “The Biggie”
Enduring a position that sucked my joy for many years, the adage “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” hit me hard the first time I heard it. My choice to be an entrepreneur was built on the conviction that engineering my occupation and being my own boss would create the job that I loved.

It worked.

My daily decisions, and the motto for See Agency, are based on 6 simple words: Do Good. Have Fun. Make Money. When I hire or sign a speaker, they also need to pass the Road Trip Test. Not only would I need to want to have dinner with them, I’d need to be able to go on a road trip with them. Yes, for days.

The result of seeing the unrealistic become a reality has done wonders for my perspective on other impossibles in my life and career.

Now those are some glass ceilings worth blasting through.


Christa Haberstock is the President/Senior Management Consultant of See Agency, a marketing and management agency located deep in the heart of Texas. Follow Christa and See Agency @Haberstock and @SeeAgency





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